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Degree Committee for the Faculty of Earth Sciences & Geography


University Regulations

All PhDs are subject to the General Regulations for the PhD degree to be found in the Statutes & Ordinances of the University (Ordinances, Chapter VII). Word limits must be strictly observed:

Department of Earth Sciences: not to exceed, without prior permission of the Degree Committee, 275 numbered pages of which not more than 225 pages are text, appendices, illustrations and bibliography. A page of text is A4 one-and-a-half-spaced normal size type. The additional 50 pages may comprise tables of data and/or computer programmes reduced in size.

Department of Geography: not to exceed, without the prior permission of the Degree Committee, 80,000 words for the PhD degree and 60,000 words for the MSc or MLitt degree, including the summary/abstract. The table of contents, photographs, diagrams, figure captions, appendices, bibliography and acknowledgements do not count towards the word limit. Footnotes are not included in the word limit where they are a necessary part of the referencing system used.

Scott Polar Research Institute: if a candidate's work falls within the social sciences, candidates are expected to observe the limit described in the Department of Geography above; if, however, a candidate's work falls within the physical sciences, a candidate should observe the limit described in the Department of Earth Sciences above.


Terms of study and residence

Full time students must complete at least nine terms of study AND keep three terms of residence (find more information here).


Code of Practice for Research Students

Students taking the PhD are subject to the University's Code of Practice for Research Students. All candidates must make themselves aware of the content of the Code of Practice and of the University's rules on Good practice in research and the avoidance of plagiarism.

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Office closures

No imminent office closures

Meeting dates

Meetings of the Degree Committee and Degree Ceremonies: