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Degree Committee for the Faculty of Earth Sciences & Geography


Your result

When all the elements of your examination have been completed (including the oral if you have one), the examiners will meet to consider and approve the marks. This final 'Examiners' Meeting' is presided over by the Chair of Examiners and the External Examiner.

The marksheet is sent to the next available meeting of the Degree Committee, which is usually in late September. The Degree Committee is the awarding body for the MRes and MPhil degrees. Immediately after the meeting you will receive an email informing you of the result and advising you on the next steps for graduation, or in the case of failure, what to do if you think the result unfair.

Shortly after your marks are sent to the Student Registry, where they are checked and posted into CamSIS. This can take some time, and you would have to access them via the Extended Self-Service. If you need them sooner, you can ask the Course Administrator, who is able to release the approved marks after the DC meeting.

For information on obtaining the certificate and transcript, see the Student Registry website.


Examination review

A student who fails the MRes or MPhil by Advanced Study examination, or fails to complete it, through illness or other serious impediment may be able to seek an allowance. Anyone who fails and feels unfairly treated has access to the University's Examination Review procedure.

If you can't find the page you are looking for or find a broken link do let us know (please use the email link in the 'Contact us' section below).

Office closures

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Geography will be closed from 5pm on Thursday 28 March 2024 and will reopen again on Tuesday 2 April 2024.
Research degree theses should still be submitted by your submission deadline even if that falls over the holiday period.